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Text: Ukaliq the Arctic Hare.
Illustration of an Arctic hare paw print.
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Text: About the Arctic Hare. Photo: An Arctic hare. Text: Heritage, History and Art. Photo: A carving in walrus ivory of an Arctic hare. Text: Studying the Arctic Hare. Photo: David Gray looking through a spotting scope. Text: Games and Activities. Photo: An Arctic hare in mid-hop.
Text: "Ukaliq" in Inuktitut syllabics. Photos: David Gray looking through a spotting scope and a maple leaf.
Text: "Studying the Arctic Hare".


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Image 2) Text: Where is...? Polar Bear Pass...? Cow Head...? Hare Fiord...? Kuujjuarapik...? Sverdrup Pass...? Illustration: Map of Canada.
Text: Check out our interactive map and find out!

The information about the Arctic hare presented here is based on a research project developed and carried out for the Canadian Museum of Nature by Dr. David Gray and his research team. The research took place between 1985 and 1992. With an objective of discovering and describing the social behaviour of the Arctic hare (Lepus arcticus), the study was focussed on the late winter breeding season and the summer maternal behaviour.

Image 3) A Twin Otter coming in for a landing.

Enlarge image.Much of Canada's Far North is accessible only by aircraft. This is the aircraft, a Twin Otter, that ferried researchers to-and-from the camp at Sverdrup Pass on Ellesmere Island (Nunavut).

Image 4) An Arctic hare in a cage, being marked with dye.

Enlarge image.Marking 'Blue Bun' with picric acid in order to stain a patch of his fur yellow.

Image 5) Several Arctic hares.

Enlarge image.The Arctic hare above is a mother leaving her young (below) after nursing them.

Image 6) An Arctic hare sheltering under weather-measuring instruments.

Enlarge image.An Arctic hare sheltering under weather-measuring instruments.



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