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Text: Ukaliq the Arctic Hare.
Illustration of an Arctic hare paw print.
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Text: About the Arctic Hare. Photo: An Arctic hare. Text: Heritage, History and Art. Photo: A carving in walrus ivory of an Arctic hare. Text: Studying the Arctic Hare. Photo: David Gray looking through a spotting scope. Text: Games and Activities. Photo: An Arctic hare in mid-hop.
Image 1) An Arctic hare in the light of the sunset.

Enlarge image.


Image 2) A landscape at sunset.

Enlarge image.Sunset near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, in late summer.



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The Canadian Museum of Nature gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.


Project Team

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  • Russ Brooks - interactives development and production
  • Francine Bouvier Goodman - project development, editing (French)
  • Annick Deblois - project development, content development, writing, educational consultant, developmental evaluation
  • David Gray - grant proposal, project development, content development, writing, photo selection, intellectual-property information management, illustrations, developmental evaluation, scientific research
  • Henri the Arctic hare - mascot
  • Nicole Paquette - grant proposal, editing (French)
  • Kathleen Quinn - project development, content development, information design, editing (English), writing, photo selection, multimedia-asset information management


  • Paul Bloskie - 3D scanning
  • Anik Boileau - marketing
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  • Peter Frank - collection records and access, photography
  • Meghan Friesen - developmental evaluation assistance
  • Richard Martin - project support, intellectual property
  • Max Joly - contracts and procurement
  • Lucia Martinez - image digitization, intellectual property
  • Liane Monette - contracts and procurement
  • Louis-René Sénéchal - French video voice-overs and translation
  • Alex Tirabasso - 3D animations
  • Bruce Williams - grant proposal, advisor


  • Carl Angers - English-to-French translation
  • Mara Bertelsen - French-to-English translation
  • Martha Flaherty - English-to-Inuktitut translation
  • Imatics Web Solutions - graphic, Web site and interactives development, design and production; information design
  • David Zimmerly, Affinity Productions - video editing


David Gray gratefully acknowledges the Polar Continental Shelf Project (formerly part of the Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources, now Natural Resources Canada) for the generous and efficient logistical support of the Canadian Museum of Nature's Arctic hare research programs between 1985 and 1992.

David Gray also gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Theresa Aniscowizsc, Connie Downs, David A. Gill and Heather Hamilton, who assisted with Arctic hare fieldwork and photography at Sverdrup Pass, Ellesmere Island, and Polar Bear Pass, Bathurst Island (both now in Nunavut). David especially acknowledges the many and varied contributions of David Gill, who shared many exciting moments of hare-watching and the unique life of the small Arctic research camp at Sverdrup Pass. David Gill also managed the Museum's High Arctic Research Station at Polar Bear Pass during the course of this study. S.D. MacDonald encouraged and inspired David Gray's studies of Arctic mammals.

During the short research time in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2004, Mack Pitcher at Salmonier Nature Park shared his experiences with captive Arctic hares and took David Gray to a hare release site at the Hawk Hills Ecological Reserve. Con Finlay of Trepassey generously shared his anecdotes and photographs of Arctic hares in captivity and on Brunette Island.

We would like to thank Thomas Angoshadluk, Simeoni Hakuluk, Francis Kaput, and David Oolooyuk of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, for sharing their experiences with Arctic hares and permitting us to use their video-taped interviews on this Web site.

We would also like to thank the many carvers, Elders, friends, guides, hunters, students, teachers and wildlife officers in several Arctic communities (Nunavut: Grise Fiord, Iqaluit, Kugluktuk, Rankin Inlet, Resolute Bay; Northwest Territories: Holman) who helped in many different ways. Carlie Gray provided a home base for the work in Rankin Inlet and Sally Gray assisted with fieldwork and photography in Rankin Inlet and Newfoundland.



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