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Texte : « Puijila » en caractères inuktituts. Puijila, le phoque qui marchait. Collage de photos : linaigrette de Scheuchzer, Eriophorum scheuchzeri; l'équipe de recherche sur le terrain; le fossile de Puijila darwini reconstitué; un rocher dans le cratère Haughton, deux paléontologistes tamisant des sédiments.
Texte : English.
Texte : le mot « Inuktitut » en caractères inuktituts syllabiques.
Texte : Téléchargez les caractères inuktituts.
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Vu dans Internet

Voyez ce qui se dit au sujet de Puijila darwini dans Internet!

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U nless you have been living under a slab of oil shale, you will have already heard, read and seen quite a lot about the Eocene primate Darwinius masillae recently described in the online open-access journal PLOSone .  The blogosphere has been, ahem, a-twitter over the “hype” surrounding this important fossil–to the extent that some have even begun to decry the anti-hype hype–and it has provided fodder for some excellent satire .  Even the Old Gray Lady has weighed in . In my forthcomin
"Le fossile de Puijila fournit la première indication que des pinnipèdes primitifs vivaient dans l'Arctique, commente Natalia Rybczynski. ...
Researchers from the United States and Canada have found the fossil ... of these pinnipeds – fin-footed, semimarine mammals – can be found in the Arctic. ...
Apr 22, 2009 ... The most primitive pinniped fossil skeleton yet found, the P. darwini specimen was discovered in 2007 in an impact crater in the Canadian ...
Anyways, whatever is the group from which pinnipeds originated – this can only be resolved by finding more fossils – it is well known that these originate from a terrestrial ancestor. Interestingly, pinniped fossils that show a ...
Caribbean Paleobiology -
Researchers from the US and Canada have found a fossil skeleton of a newly discovered carnivorous animal, Puijila darwini. It appears that Puijila is a link in the evolution of the group that today includes seals, sea lions and walrus. ...
Fair Chase -
BNN Science Reporter David Marino on the new evolutionary discovery and how we can use Star Trek Voyager to understand evolution. written and performed by ...
This needle in the haystack would become known as Puijila darwini, a new genus and species and a generous advance on our scientific thinking about the evolution of seals, sea lions and walrus. This and many other fossils from the area ...
Natural Curiosity -
Click here to view the embedded video. Ep. 18 The Enlightenment Show: New Fossils, religion in the military, etc Segment #1 New Transitional Fossils The missing link or hype? Ida and Puijilia (The Science Article) (Ida in the Media) (Pulijia-The walking seal) Segment #2 FreeThinker’s Toolkit . Logical Fallacies with Andy W and Chad Segm
A model of Puijila darwini, a previously unknown carnivore that was found ... Puijila is a missing link in scientists' knowledge of pinniped evolution (the ...


Illustration 2) Un homme attachant un câble au VTT enlisé pendant qu’un autre regarde.