A variety of mounted beetle specimens in collection trays.

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Natural-history collections are bits of scientific evidence about the world around us. The collections are used in studies that help us understand the natural environment and improve our connection to nature now and in the future.

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Bird specimens in a tray. Animals

The zoology collections are the most diverse and numerous at the museum and include animals with a backbone (the vertebrates) and those without (the invertebrates). About our zoology collections.

Skull and vertebrae of the Puijila darwini fossil. Catalogue #NUFV 405.Fossils

The palaeobiology collections have over 50 000 vertebrate specimens (reptiles, mammals and fishes), the best fossil-pollen collection in Canada, and some fossil plants and fungi. About our palaeobiology collections.

Dioptase and cerussite. Catalogue #CMNMC 56740.Minerals

The rock, mineral and gem collections began over 150 years ago with the geological exploration of Canada, and continues to develop today. About our geological collections.

Round-leaf sundew (Drosera rotundifolia). Archive slide #S75-4564.Plants and Algae

The botany collections document wild plants through time, with a focus on Canadian species and habitats. About our botany collection.

View of the interior of the library.Library and Archives

Books, periodicals, art, photographs and historical documents are part of this natural-history library and archives that is one of the oldest in Canada, tracing its beginnings to 1842. About our library and archives.

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