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Ultimate Dinosaurs

Special Exhibition
Last Chance! Closes September 5

Encounter a bigger, meaner, more bizarre kind of dinosaur!

Learn about the unique dinosaurs that once roamed the ancient continent of Gondwana in the southern hemisphere.

See impressive full skeletons and many fossils. Be enthralled by life-like, digital video walls.

Video: Plunge into the big, bad world of the exhibition.

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  • Members and Tiny Tot (age 0–2): Free
  • Adult: $10; child, student, senior: $7—plus museum admission
  • Taxes not included.

Hours, directions, parking.

Hotel packages.

Upgrade Your Experience

Rise to the Dino Challenge (PDF to print)

Consult the summer programme.

Get lost in ultimate dinosaur stories.

A fossilized dinosaur skeleton in the exhibition.

At 12 metres long, Giganotosaurus may have been the largest land predator ever to have lived.

A boy stands beside bones from a dinosaur's leg.

A cast of a Futalognkosaurus leg. This 32 metre-long dinosaur lived 85 million years ago and was found in Argentina.

A fossilized dinosaur skeleton from the exhibition.

The shape of this dinosaur's skull inspired its name: Suchomimus means "crocodile mimic".

Illustration of a dinosaur.

It's been 100 million years since this Suchomimus fed on fish in what is now Niger.

A fossilized dinosaur skeleton from the exhibition.

Ouranosaurus had an enormous and distinctive "sail" running down its back. Was this a flashy mating signaller, fat storage or body-heat regulator? Palaeontologists are not certain.

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