Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery
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Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


The Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery presents a unique look at the dramatic events that led to the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals approximately 85 to 35 million years ago.

Visit the gallery and get up-close-and-personal with the carnivorous, the frilled and the feathered. You won’t believe the view! There are hundreds of amazing specimens waiting to be discovered.

You’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • Walk into a swamp forest to find seven life-sized dinosaurs locked in a dramatic confrontation.
  • Learn about dinosaurs, marine creatures, early mammals and more.
  • See more than 30 complete skeletons from the end of the dinosaur era (85 to 65 million years ago), as well as vivid diorama scenes with 15 fleshed-out, life-sized models produced by some of the world’s top model makers.
  • Experience the great asteroid impact in our Extinction Theatre, and then emerge to the dawn of a different era in which new creatures took over the world.

It’s a 50-million-year-long journey you won’t forget!

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