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Northern Voices Gallery

New Special Exhibition Gallery
Opening June 21!

The Northern Voices Gallery, located within the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery provides an opportunity for Northern communities to share their own perspectives about the Arctic and their relationship with the land through temporary exhibitions.

Inuinnauyugut: We are Inuinnait

Explore the history and culture of the Inuinnait (Copper Inuit) and get an inside perspective of what it means to be Inuinnait in the contemporary world. Developed by the Kitikmeot Heritage Society, this community-driven exhibition examines the centennial anniversary of Inuinnait contact with the Canadian Arctic Expedition.

Experience it at the museum as of June 21.

Can't wait? Check out this photo slideshow to get a feel of the exhibit.

Two women stand in Inuit parkas.

In 1913, the Canadian Arctic Expedition ventured into the Central Arctic, effectively engaging the first significant outside contact with Inuinnait residents of the region. See this image and more from the Canadian Arctic Expedition in the gallery. Image: George H Wilkins © Canadian Museum of History, 51249

Two women in winter coats sit inside an igloo.

The Canadian Arctic Expedition continues to form the foundation of contemporary narratives regarding Inuinnait history and culture. See a soapstone lamp (picture left) on display in the gallery. Image: Brendan Griebel © Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Two hands sewing a sealskin wall hanging.

Tradition teaches Inuinnait how to function in harmony with the world. See this decorative wall hanging that was created by Cambridge Bay elders, in the gallery. Image: Brendan Griebel © Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Group of children watches as a man cuts a fish.

Reignited to share traditional values, Inuinnait are teaching the next generation how to make use of what the Arctic has to offer. See traditional fishing tools and contemporary fishing toys in the gallery. Image: Brendan Griebel © Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Smiling woman wearing a fur rimmed Inuit parka.

Discover Inuinnait identity through the eyes, actions, and voices of Inuinnait people. See this Inupiat style parka in the gallery. Image: Brendan Griebel © Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Woman with video camera records an elder speaking.

This exhibition marks a community’s effort to locate their stories both within and outside traditional spoken word to provide a strong foundation for Inuinnait identity. Watch and listen to video and audio created by Inuinnait in the gallery. Image: Brendan Griebel © Kitikmeot Heritage Society

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