An autumn-assortment of autumn nuts and fruit.

Brunch: Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 11

Celebrate the harvest with deliciousness and see fascinating exhibitions.

A chipmunk and a pile of acorns.

Tiny Giants 3D

Small Size, Big Adventure!

See the world through the eyes of a chipmunk. Despite enormous predators, find the courage shown by some of the smallest animals on the planet.

Two people make a toast with beer.

natureTASTES: Beer and Botany

Tasting: Oct. 15

Learn about the botany behind beer, complemented by tastings. Info and tickets.

Life on Mars

Nature Scoop

Paul Sokoloff, a botanist and Mars simulation crew member, talks about his experiences and the new movie The Martian.

A man seated behind a table presents dinosaur fossils to some adults and children.

Open House: Our Collections

Gatineau—October 24

Discover the millions of specimens housed in our Gatineau campus, as well as the research activities that take place there.

Logo: Nature Nocturne.

Nature Nocturne Lift-Off: Be There!

Friday, Oct. 30

On the night before Halloween, join the insect invasion! Costumes, dancing, exhibitions and more.

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