A cabin next to a river.

Canada's Arctic Biodiversity

Science Symposium

January 27, 2017. Taking stock of the state of biodiversity science in the Arctic.

A green tree python (Morelia viridis).


Special Exhibition
Until April 8

Beautiful, deadly and alive! Get a new appreciation for these misunderstood creatures.

Birds fly over a landscape.

Earthflight 3D

Fly with Migratory Birds!

Revolutionary aerial techniques and 3D photography offer a thrilling cinematographic experience.

A Sharp-tailed Grouse steps from one post to another.

Animals Caught in the Act

Photo Exhibition

See the winning photos from the 2015 Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography contest.

A polar bear (Ursus maritimus).

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Logo: Nature Nocturne.

Chinese New Year at Nature Nocturne

Friday, Jan. 27

Celebrate feathers, flocks, flight and the Year of the Rooster at our special evening.

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News from the Museum

  • Cabinets, Cabinets Everywhere: The Sequel

    Blog Post Meteorites and fossil plant type specimens are among the first of the collections of the Geological Survey of Canada to be housed within our walls. It's the first part of an important move taking place in 2017.

  • Protecting Our Arctic Biodiversity

    Museum News The Canadian Museum of Nature welcomes the continued focus on the Arctic noted in the release of the Joint Statement on Arctic Leadership, issued December 20, 2016.