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Games and Activities

Online Games and Activities

Explore nature and science even while you have fun with games and interactives from our web sites.

Gallery Interactives
More than 50 interactives shed new light on prehistoric animals, mammals and birds.
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Web site: Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare
Do you know the Arctic hare? Learn how to communicate, eat and protect yourself as if you were this small Arctic animal.
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Web site: Sila: Clue in to Climate Change
Put your knowledge to the text in a quiz about climate change.

Hands-On Activities

Peter Frank © Canadian Museum of Nature


An origami hare figure from the web site Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare.

Try these activities from our web site Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare:

Memory Game Art Project
Traditional String Figure
Origami Arctic Hare

Alex Tirabasso/Paul Bloskie/Corel © Canadian Museum of Nature


Nature in 3D

3D Models to Play With!
Arctic hare

360° Gallery Tours
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