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Steps across Canada

Engraved Pavers

Buy a paver. Support the Landscapes of Canada Gardens.

Make a donation to buy a paving stone for the grounds of the Canadian Museum of Nature and have it engraved with a message that is meaningful to you.


Each paver is $500. A donation tax receipt will be provided for this amount.

If you would like to pay for it in five payments of $100 each, please contact Amanda Ferrier.

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


A view of the Landscapes of Canada Gardens.

The Pavers

The pavers are approximately 30 cm × 60 cm (1 ft. × 2 ft.).

The paver will be set in the Arctic tundra zone or the boreal forest zone of the Landscapes of Canada Gardens at the Canadian Museum of Nature—an ideal setting to relive, remember and celebrate all the special times that you have enjoyed at the museum.

The pavers will be installed in spring and autumn, depending on volume/demand.

The Engraving

The text may be up to 50 characters long.

We reserve the right to approve the engraving.


John, Mary & Emma Smith

In memory of Jane Smith

The Smith Family

Buy a paver online.