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Behind the Scenes

We open the doors on our collection vaults in this latest Nature Scoop. Watch the video (3 min. 32 sec.).

A storage case containing three nails.

Franklin-Expedition Artefacts

Recovered in 1992

See artefacts belonging to the crew and their equipment—found in Canada's Arctic almost 150 years after they perished. Watch the video (3 min. 30 sec.).

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Detail from the museum's site-development plan.

Information Package

Green Space and Parking

Get all the information about the museum's plans for the west side of the property.

Five-Year Project to Record Arctic's Botanical Bounty

The museum is spearheading an ambitious project to document all of Canada's Arctic plants.

Celebrating a 10-year Partnership for Polar Education

The museum works with Students on Ice to inspire youth about the polar regions.

Museum Experts Recognized for Scientific Savvy

Museum mineralogist earns award; Research Director heads world taxonomy group

Tree Planting and Webcast Mark International Year of Forests

The museum celebrates National Tree Day and hosts a forum about the boreal forest.

Beetlemania! Biodiversity Study Nets New Species, Trains Students

New discoveries await as five-year insect study nears completion.

Ancient Seaway Yields Unique Fossil Discoveries

Twenty years of research unravels the fossil diversity of Canada's ancient marine seaway.

Extreme Mammals On until November 6—Don't Miss It!

Don't miss your chance to see the surprising and weird mammals featured in Extreme Mammals.

Museum by Night

This autumn, we're offering a variety of special evening activities for adults.

Dinosaurs 3D—A Summer Hit

Dinosaurs 3D: Thrilling 3D effects and gripping storyline. Movie schedule extended to Oct. 30, 2011.

Missing Link Discovery Featured in Extreme Mammals

Scientific palaeo-breakthrough by museum researcher represented in Extreme Mammals.