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Arctic Marine Life Course at the Vancouver Aquarium

Learn about fascinating Arctic marine animals in an online course by the Vancouver Aquarium.




Supporting eco-art, local talent and an enchanted forest at Glowfair 2015

The Museum is a partner at Glowfair, supporting the unique art of Stefan Thompson in The Enchanted Forest installation. 

Get to know the real Museum… and the people behind it

Science by Night on May 21 offers a jam-packed evening of activities, with opportunities to see things not usually on display, chat with experts and get behind-the-scene insights.

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  • Snapshots of (Natural) History
    A cryptic, handwritten note beside a pressed plant in the museum's collection piqued a botanist's curiosity and led to the rediscovery of hundreds of 50-year-old photographs.
  • November in West Virginia: Inspiring the Next Generation.
    Museum CEO Meg Beckel is part of an international team developing ideas to connect youth with nature.
  • My Irish Diatom Adventure
    A museum volunteer with a passion for travel took advantage of a trip to Ireland to advance scientific research on diatoms.
  • The Arctic Flora of Tamriel: Botany in Video Games
    Botanist Paul Sokoloff had fun exploring real-world inspirations behind some virtual plants in role-playing games such as Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Minerals Are Species Too!
    The definition of a mineral species and its classification are based on the chemistry and the atomic structure of the mineral. Consequently, defining a mineral species is more straightforward than defining a biological species.