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Biography: Stephen L. Cumbaa

Stephen Cumbaa © Stephen Cumbaa


Steve Cumbaa

Research Scientist, Earth Sciences
Research Services
Tel.: 613.364.4049
Fax: 613.364.4027
Email: scumbaa@mus-nature.ca


Ph.D., Anthropology (double minor: Geology, Zoology), University of Florida, 1975.


  • Fossil fishes.
  • Cretaceous marine faunas of North America.
  • Marine paleoenvironments.
  • Zooarchaeology – human exploitation of vertebrates.


  • Marine faunas and paleoenvironments of the eastern margin of the Middle to Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (primary fieldwork in east central Saskatchewan and western Manitoba).
  • Early Devonian (Emsian) faunas and paleoenvironments (primary fieldwork in NWT; also, Yukon, New Brunswick and Quebec).
  • Pliocene and Pleistocene fishes of Canada [Yukon Territory; Nunavut; Champlain Sea (Ontario and Quebec)].

Professional Services

  • Member, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; member, Peer Review Board, Journal of Paleontological Sciences; member, Canadian Science Writers’ Association
  • Adjunct Research Professor, Earth Sciences, Carleton University (sessional lecturer, Undergraduate Concentration in Vertebrate Paleontology program)
  • Identification services for vertebrate fossils, bones and teeth are provided free of charge to the public as well as to archaeologists, wildlife biologists, and other professionals. The identification of large samples is on a fee for services basis.


  • Aaron Phillips, Carleton University, MSc.
    Thesis Title: Taphonomy, diagenesis, and faunal content of Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) bonebeds, eastern margin, Western Interior Seaway
  • Joseph Sanchez, Carleton University, MSc.
    Thesis Title: Hesperornithiform birds from Cenomanian age marine bonebeds in east central Saskatchewan
  • Joanna Northover, Carleton University, Earth Sciences; Honours BSc.
    Thesis Title: A new large osteichthyan fish from Campanian marine deposits, Devon Island, NU


Carleton University, Department of Earth Sciences


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    Please write or e-mail for a list of published abstracts, book reviews, and service publications.

Science Books and Publications for Children

  • Cumbaa, S.L. (2007). Sea Monsters. A Canadian Museum of Nature Book. Kids Can Press, Toronto. 40 pp. (Margot Thompson, illustrator)
  • Cumbaa, S.L. (2006). The Bones Book and Skeleton. Revised edition. Workman Publishing, New York and Key Porter Books, Toronto. 64 pp.
  • Cumbaa, S.L. (2000). Colour Me Red - or Yellow or Blue. Yes Mag: Canada's Science Magazine for Kids. Issue 19: 18-19.
  • Cumbaa, S.L. and Hughes, S. (1998). Megalodon: the Prehistoric Shark. Somerville House Publishing, Toronto. 48 pp.
  • Cumbaa, S.L. and Stewart, K.M. (1997). The Neanderthal Book and Skeleton. Workman Publishing, New York and Somerville House Publishing, Toronto. 64 pp.
  • Anderson, K.C. and Cumbaa, S.L. (1993). The Bones and Skeleton Gamebook. Workman Publishing, New York and Somerville House Publishing, Toronto. 96 pp.
  • Cumbaa, S.L. (1991). The Bones Book and Skeleton. Somerville House, Toronto and Workman Publishing, New York. 64 pp.

Please write or e-mail for a listing of additional “popular science” articles authored or co-authored by me.

Zooarchaeological Reports

Please write or e-mail for a list of unpublished reports on archaeologically-recovered faunas authored or co-authored by me. These were primarily products of the Zooarchaeological Identification Centre of the Canadian Museum of Nature (formerly National Museum of Natural Sciences), and include analyses of prehistoric and historic period archaeological sites in Canada and the northeastern United States.