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History and Buildings

Stone, Fire and Glass

The museum's rich history is grounded in its 100-year-old heritage building and modern research and collections facility.

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Melba Angell.

Volunteer Memorial

Funded by a Donation

The Melba Angell Memorial Fund was endowed by a museum researcher to recognize volunteer contributions made by Melba and volunteers like her. About Melba.

Our volunteers play a vital role in supporting the work of the Canadian Museum of Nature in a variety of interesting ways, such as offering workshops to young students, enhancing the visitor's experience in our galleries, helping to care for our collections, advancing natural history research, and supporting many projects behind the scenes.

More specifically, here are some of the areas you can help in, as a volunteer:

There are many ways to contribute as a museum volunteer. If none of these categories quite fit what you have in mind, you can still apply to become a volunteer and indicate what way you would like to be involved. We can always explore options.

So Many Reasons for Volunteering!

  • You have an opportunity to share your talents and passions.
  • You get to participate in training and special seminars on natural history subjects and issues.
  • You can attend special events.
  • You receive free admission to the museum.
  • You help support our mission to promote knowledge of and respect for the natural world.

How to Get Involved

The first step to becoming part of our team involves contacting us:
Katja Rodriguez
Coordinator, Volunteer Program
Tel.: 613.566.4261
TTY: 613.566.4700
Fax: 613.364.4028

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