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Collage: Greater fringed gentian, Gentianopsis crinita S75-4569; a teacher and a student at a workshop; illustration of a strand of DNA; an Arctic hare, Lepus arcticus.

Teacher Zone

In the Teacher Zone of the Canadian Museum of Nature, you'll find almost 100 workshops, lesson plans, activities and games for exploring the natural world with your students. Whether planning a visit to the museum or preparing for a lesson in your classroom, our curriculum-based resources can be useful tools.

At the Museum

There are many workshops and school programmes to choose among that will make your class visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature interesting and instructive.

In Class

Use our curriculum-based, interactive and downloadable resources in your classroom.

For Teachers

Increase your understanding of natural science through the tools that we offer.

About Nature

You and your students will find information about fauna, flora, the environment and more in our special features and Web sites.



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